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Edward Evans, Wedding Officiant & Videographer

Edward Evans 209-763-2779 (Office)  209-304-9699 (Cell)

 I retired from the United States Navy in February 1997 after an exciting 23 year career, 11 as an enlisted (E-1 thru Chief Petty Officer), and 12 as an Officer (retired as a Lieutenant (O-3)). 

I served on six ships, including:

USS Long Beach (CGN-9)
USS Oklahoma City (CG-5)
USS Duncan (FFG-10)
USS Gary (FFG-51)
USS Mauna Kea (AE-22)
USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)  

Shore Duty included tours at SSC/NTC Great Lakes Ill., Naval Weapons Station, Concord Ca., and Commander Logistics Western Pacific, Singapore.

My travels throughout the Far East included visits (some numerous times!!) to Hawaii, Guam, Australia, Mauritus, Dubai, Phillipines, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Okinawa, New Zealand, Tasmania, Japan, Korea, and Singapore.  I lived in Japan for three years, and Singapore for two years!

After my Navy career, I spent 13 great years working for a Northern California Indian Casino, and held positions as Executive Casino Manager, and Director of Employee Development.

I received ordination in 2006 from a non-denominational religious institution recognized throughout the country for providing quality services for the general public. 

Several years ago, my dream of owning my own business came true!  In addition to performing weddings, I also own a leadership and management training business called "Where the Eagles Fly."

I have two beautiful daughters (both married to military men) and four beautiful grandchildren.  I live in Lake Camanche Ca. with my wife and four dogs (Drake, Cody, Bleu, and Lexie ).

Below are several pictures of our dogs and me.  

"Dinner dress whites" when I attended the Navy Ball while stationed in Singapore,  and two from recent weddings.


                         Drake                                                Cody
       Me and my two "Best Men"

           Bailey and Toby (doing what they did best.....sleeping!!)
             Waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge                         Waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge

                                          My booth at a recent Bridal Faire

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